How to choose your perfect wedding colour scheme

The first thing that gives your wedding something truly unique and memorable is the wedding colour scheme. It’s part of everything, from the dresses and bouquets to the table toppers and confetti, so you need to be absolutely sure it’s perfect for your special day.

When you’re choosing a colour scheme, the first trick to note is to try not to overthink it. It’s obviously a prominent part of your wedding day so we’re not underestimating the importance of a strong palette, but don’t make yourself worry too much. If you narrow your choices down to a few of your favourites, you’re bound to choose something that you’ll always look back on and love.

Go with what you know


Choose a colour you’ve always loved to start with – if you were to attend a wedding yourself, what shade would you choose to wear? What about the colours you’ve chosen to decorate your bedroom with or the hue of your favourite type of flower? If you list down some of these shades – all the while considering how this would fit in with your venue – you’ll have a solid place to start.




Make a mood board


The more research you do on how you ultimately want your wedding to look, the better – and a really interesting way of collating your ideas is through a mood board. You need to set a vibe for the day and seeing things that inspire your overall theme all in one place might show a pattern of colours without you even having to think about it. Whether you gather your thoughts from magazines and brochures or pull something together with a website like Pinterest, a mood board could definitely be the key to finding your ultimate colour palette. And what’s more, it’s really fun!



Get inspired


Once you’ve come up with your initial ideas, have a look through some wedding magazines and online forums to see how people have used the colours you’ve selected. There’s always going to be something out there you’ve not thought of, so look as far and wide as you can and make a little mind map of your findings. If you’re feeling extremely creative, you could even have a go at creating the look you’re interested in on Photoshop to trigger some ideas as well!




Food for thought


Weddings can work with a theme matching any section of the colour wheel and only you can choose which will be right for you and your partner. Whether you go for soft, romantic pastels or a vibrant colour that pops, you’ve got to remember that this is the day you’re going to marry the love of your life so no matter what, it’s going to be special.

In case you’re still struggling, we’ve got some gorgeous colour palette ideas that might just spark an idea for your perfect wedding colour scheme!





Ideas fromĀ Pinterest



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