The groom’s essential to-do list

If you’re a groom, you may have got the ball rolling by actually popping the question to your now wife-to-be, but like it or not, the responsibility doesn’t stop there – there are just a few more things you mustn’t forget to do as part of the wedding planning!

Tick off each task on this list of essentials and everything will be just as it needs to be for you to have the perfect wedding day.




  • Choose a suit – and any accessories to go with it – that will fit perfectly with the theme of the wedding. Don’t forget to make sure your groomsmen are all sorted too!
  • Make sure you fully pamper yourself. Wedding planning can be a stressful time and you want to look your best on the big day, so we’re talking relaxing, haircuts, shaving, moisturising… You could even invest in some whitening toothpaste!
  • Spend the right amount of time on your vows and your speech. Think about what will make your wife happy to hear. Also, make sure it comes from the heart. If there’s ever a time to be romantic in front of your mates, it’s on your wedding day.
  • Even if you’ve got two left feet, make some kind of effort to practice dancing. You could just head to a club one night and throw a few shapes there! All eyes will be on you on your wedding night so you’ll need any practice you can get.
  • Make sure your stag do is chosen VERY carefully. We all know a cheeky best man who would do all he could to cause trouble on a groom’s last weekend of ‘freedom’, but seriously, discuss what is and isn’t allowed before the big night arrives.
  • Deliberate the music choices with your fiancĂ©. Don’t just hire a DJ and trust them to play what they want to, because you need to enjoy it. Music has the power to make or break a reception, so it’s definitely worth putting time into.




  • Book up your honeymoon well in advance. Having the stress of booking a getaway last-minute just isn’t worth it! We’ve put together some gorgeous honeymoon ideas to help you along the way.
  • Choose your wedding day transport carefully. A lot of men like having a say in this aspect of the wedding planning and rightly so! You’ll need something for the bridal party and groomsmen, so check out your budget and see which wheels you fancy.
  • Look into buying some gifts for your parents, in-laws and the wedding party early on in the wedding planning process. It doesn’t have to be much, just something to show them that you appreciate all their help and support.
  • Plan a surprise for your bride to find on the morning of your wedding day. Even if it’s just a little letter accompanied by some flowers or a bottle of champagne, it will mean the world for her to find and make her even more excited to see you.
  • Set an alarm… or three! You’ll probably be awake with excitement anyway, but your wedding day is the worst possible day to sleep through your alarm and be running late, so don’t risk it!

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