Ten ways for you and your guests to arrive in style!

It’s your wedding day, so naturally, you need to make a grand entrance. Whether you want something traditional and classy or something a bit more out there and fun, the wedding transport on your big day is an important part of the planning, and a part you certainly don’t want to get wrong. To help you out, we’ve put together some creative ideas for your romantic getaway vehicle and imaginative but practical means of transport for your guests!


Your Vehicle…



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Classic/Vintage Car

If your wedding is going to be quite traditional, you might want to make your entrance in a classic or vintage car. There are so many elegant models to choose from, from Rolls Royces to Bentleys to Beetles and more. It’s potentially the only chance you’ll get to hire out one of these beauties and they’ll make for absolutely stunning photographs. They may be an obvious choice, but a luxury vintage car adds a touch of class to the day like nothing else can.




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Horse and Carriage

To put a magical, fairytale spin on your wedding, why not hire a horse and carriage for the day? It doesn’t have to be as flamboyant (or even tacky) as it can sometimes sound – and after all, if there’s ever a day you get to be chaperoned like royalty, your wedding day is the one! Make sure you choose a service that’s simple and classy and your wedding day escape will be as romantic as you could ever have imagined.




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Hot Air Balloon

This one’s not for you couples who are nervous with heights, but for those who want a pinch of adrenaline adding to their day, this could be the perfect romantic exit. You would have to check it was possible with your venue and it would be strictly weather permitting, but if it all came together, what better way to leave your wedding than to float away into the sky on a hot air balloon with views to die for?




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Golf Cart

If you or your partner have a hobby, why not make the day personal and incorporate it into your transport? For example, you could dress up a golf cart and use that as your getaway, or you could ride into the sunset on a horse if horse-riding is one of your passions. If you get creative with this idea, you can make just about anything possible and your day will feel that bit more special.




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Vespa or Motorcycle

It goes without saying that you can’t do this if you have a fuller wedding dress or a long train because, to put it simply, you won’t fit and it could be quite a safety hazard! If your dress permits though, an Italian Vespa – or any other motorcycles for that matter – could be a really cool and different way to leave your wedding. Tie a few decorative flowers or bows to it and it will also make a great prop for some beautiful wedding pics.



Your Guests’ Vehicle…



Image: http://yorkshireheritagebus.co.uk/blog/index.php/2012/10/page/6/

Vintage Bus

A vintage bus is a great way to get plenty of guests from place to place – especially if your transport is in with the same theme. If you get a double-decker, you could request ladies on the bottom deck (they may not be in the best footwear to be climbing bus steps, after all) and men on top deck. If you don’t like the vintage look, this idea could also work with a traditional red London bus – this would still be a great idea, just with something a little more modern.




Image: http://vintagevwweddings.co.uk/

VW Campervans

For a quirky and nostalgic touch, transport your guests from venue to venue in some old-fashioned VW campervans. They may not be great if the journeys are particularly long, but they’re comfortable and pretty and your guests will love the idea. Depending on where your reception is, these could even double up as accommodation for your guests! After all, they are made to camp in!




Image: http://www.busandcoachbuyer.com/60th-uk-coach-rally-preview/

Coach or Shuttle Bus

There’s no shame in ordering just a standard coach or shuttle bus to transport your guests to and from your venues. It will be one of the cheaper options for those of you on a bit of a budget and it needn’t be on any of photographs – the most important thing is that it does its job and gets your guests from place to place on time. True, it may not be as unique or exciting as other modes of transport, but you have to think practically about these things; it could be the perfect solution for your guests!




Image: http://nightowllimos.com.au/


For those of you having a more glamorous wedding, the perfect, sleek way to transport your guests is by a flashy white limo. It may not be practical to transport everyone in limousines, but it’s not unusual for bridal parties and groomsmen to get from place to place in one. There are many different choices to choose from with stretched limos – just stock them with champagne, add a celebratory bow and voila: one of the most sophisticated modes of transport there is.




Image: http://obxtrolley.com/

Wedding Trolley

This idea is very American but also pretty fantastic. Again, this one wouldn’t be great for long distance travelling, but what sweeter way to transport your guests than on one of these characteristic trolleys? Not only do they provide gorgeous photographs but they will fit a lot of your guests in one place. It’s little quirks like this that people will remember your wedding for – it’s picturesque, spacious and lovely.

Have any questions about wedding transportation? Or just want to let us know what you plan on doing? We’d love to hear from you – let us know in the comments below!

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