Top planning tips from North East wedding experts

Planning a wedding is hectic. Yes, it’s a lot of fun and it’s wonderfully exciting, but sometimes it can be downright exhausting at the same time. From choosing the perfect dress to picking out music for the evening reception to organising your guests into an orderly seating plan, a couple with wedding planning duties will never find themselves short of something to do.

No matter how much time you spend working on your wedding plan, there is always something you don’t think of. This is where we come in – we have collated a list of top tips from some of the most successful and reliable wedding experts from beautiful venues across the North East. Have a read, take them in and allow your wedding plans to flow as smoothly as possible!


Prepare your seating plan as early as possible

So you’re planning your wedding – what an exciting time for you both!

My top tip would be to start preparing your seating plan as early as possible, even before your invites have gone out.

Anything can help – whether it’s post it notes, excel spreadsheets, Lego men/women, cocktail sticks with flags… that way you have a work in progress and you can update it as the weeks go by and as your RSVP’s start to come back. This will save you WW3 right before the wedding!

There is nothing like wedding politics to test you. Where the family tables go; who has their back to the top table; who is going to sit on the top table; divorced or re-married parents – the list of potential challenges is endless.

Being well prepared with your seating plan will also help with organising how many centre pieces to arrange, how many menus and so on, so there are no last minute hitches nearer the big day.

And finally, it would also help you to ask your venue for a room layout based on the number of tables, to help you think about access for wheelchairs and buggies too.




Keep organised and have everything in one place

Start a wedding notebook and use this for any questions you would like to ask as you visit venues. After this use this notebook to write down any questions that pop into your head as you are going along with your plans and work through them with your supplier or venue as you go. It’s great to have that reference to come back to months down the line.

Get a wedding folder and use this for your contracts, deposits, receipts of payments and supplier contact details and keep everything you need in one place.

Use a diary or calendar to make a note of any deadlines or payment dates for suppliers and the venue, this will keep you on track with your budget too.


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Check your date is available with the registrar before booking your venue

Ensure you check your date is available with the registrar before booking your venue to avoid disappointment. It is really important that you speak to the registrar and check they are available.

Unfortunately, if the registrar isn’t available you would need to choose an alternative wedding date.




Write a list of things that are important for your wedding day

With so many things to think about, choosing a wedding venue can sometimes feel like an endless task rather than an exciting, fun part of planning a wedding.

To help you get started, write a list of things that are important for your wedding day. This will help you choose the right venue and make the whole process seem less daunting.



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Allow a little extra time and money – just in case!

It’s important to be both accurate and realistic about the timings on your big day. Sometimes speeches or photography can run late, so factoring in extra time in the first place can be the difference between a stressful day and one that flows beautifully, just the way you planned.

Allow extra in your wedding budget just in case… Experts recommend 10% extra to cover unforeseen expenses, and don’t forget to consider the little extra touches when planning your wedding budget – things like additional canapés, cocktails or anything else to add a fabulous final finishing touch.




Don’t forget to enjoy the wedding planning process!

You’ll come across all sorts of tips and tricks in your wedding planning experience; how to pick the perfect photographer, what colour schemes work best for an autumn wedding, most romantic first dance songs… and these are all enormously helpful. However, between all the decision making (and cake tasting), my top tip is always the same: don’t forget to enjoy the planning process! Wedding planning can be one of the most stressful and overwhelming experiences a couple goes through, but also the most gratifying.

You’ll learn more about your partner than ever before, and you’ll share laughter, tears, arguments, but more so, the indescribable feeling of planning the most important day of your life with your partner. You’ll be spending days together viewing venues and meeting with suppliers, so you have plenty of excuses to pop out for a coffee, breathe, and remember the importance of what you’re doing. So when you can’t compromise on a cake flavour or tie colour, try to remember the excitement of it all and just relax. After all, at the end of the day you get to marry your best friend, and what could be sweeter than that?


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Trust your wedding co-ordinator!

A wedding involves a lot of stress during the planning process; trust your wedding co-ordinator at your venue – you are in capable hands and they are there to help you plan your most perfect day. Do not be afraid to ask them any questions – nothing is too big or too small – what you might spend a long time deliberating over, they may know instantly. Also, trust their judgement and opinions, they know their venue and may be able to provide you with exciting ideas which you had not thought of.





Do you have any top tips for brides preparing their wedding that they might not have considered? Let us know in the comments below – we would love to hear your thoughts!

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